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Common Core
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Quick Overview:  The Common Core issue centers on whether or not our school standards should be controlled by higher levels of government and foreign influence.  Keep in mind that standards drive the curriculum, the curriculum determines the basis for the testing and the testing determines what teachers will and will not teach.
A Persson-al opinion – Common sense should tell us that the education of our children should remain local.  That is why we have local school boards.  Local school boards have a vested interest in working towards quality education because in most cases their children and grandchildren are the ones that will be affected by their decisions.  At higher levels of government, leaders have shown they are more concerned with the political aspects and monetary factors surrounding a decision than they are about whether or not our local children get a quality education to help them succeed in life.

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The video to the right is a young man testifying at a Knoxville school board. He speaks very fast as he has a lot to say in the limited time he was given. Listen very carefully to his words, sense his passion and realize that he has nothing personal to gain, is not trying to be politically correct but is very concerned with what he sees happening to our system of education and to our teachers.
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